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TaskMagic consists of 2 program files: TaskMagic Create & TaskMagic Play. TaskMagic Play is required to access games and exercises that have already been created. A special "Home Use Only" version of TaskMagic Play is available for students to use at home to access exercises on the Web, on their PCs or on disk: TMPlayHome.

TMPlayHome is a fully working version of TaskMagicPlay, providing home users with access to all of the features of the program.

You cannot use TMPlayHome to create your own exercises.

TMPlayHome must not be installed or used in schools, colleges or any educational / training facilities.

The TMPlay3Home setup package should install all necessary files to your PC.

Click on the link below to download TMPlay3Home.exe. Once it is downloaded, it will install TMPlayHome on your computer.

You may be given the option to run or to save the file when you click on the download link. If you choose to run the program, the installation will begin as soon as the file is downloaded. If you choose to save the file, you can specify a place to save it to on your computer. Once the download is complete, you will need to run the file at some point to install the software on your computer.

Once installed, TMPlayHome can be accessed via your computer’s Start menu:

Start > Programs > TMPlay3Home > TMPlayHome

Download TMPlay3_Home.exe

If you have any problems after installing TaskMagic, please let us know by email.

N.B. TMPlayHome works in all versions of Windows up to and including Windows 10 (but not Windows Mobile or Windows RT for the AMD-based Surface tablet). We don't have a Mac or Linux version. You can run TMPlayHome on a Mac if you have some way of running Windows on your Mac, such as via a dual boot system, or software such as Parallels, Virtual PC or similar.

Some users have reported issues with certain anti-virus software (notably Norton AV) preventing them from installing this program on their computer. This program is regularly checked for issues using, which runs the program through 40 or so anti-virus checkers, all of which routinely confirm that this program contains no threats. If you are having problems with Norton AV, you can add TMPlay3Home to your Norton AV exclusion list (so that it won't be blocked). You can also report any file as risk free on the Norton website.

Updating TMPlayHome

If you'd like to update your version of TMPlayHome, you should uninstall the version currently on your computer, using the Uninstall link in the TMPlay2Home / TMPlay3Home folder in your computer's Start menu. Then download and install the latest version using the link above.

30-day trial | Student "home use only" version | Ready-made resources | Updates | Other downloads