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Prices, licenses - Ordering info

Please note that TaskMagic works in all versions of Windows up to and including Windows 10 (but not Windows Mobile or Windows RT for the AMD-based Surface tablet). We don't have a Mac or Linux version. You can run TaskMagic on a Mac if you have some way of running Windows on your Mac, such as via a dual boot system, or software such as Parallels, Virtual PC or similar.

TaskMagic3 (perpetual licence and subscription available)

This is the TaskMagic authoring software, our main product. It's what this website is all about.

TaskMagic3 perpetual licence for Windows PC
School Licence £350 + VAT TaskMagic can be installed and used on all computers, networked etc. A whole school licence also allows for home use by staff.
Primary / Small School Licence (UK) £220 + VAT As above, but for UK Primary Schools or UK designated Small Schools. (Small School means fewer than 200 pupils on roll.)
10 User Licence £200 + VAT TaskMagic can be installed and used on 10 computers only. (Typical use scenario: MFL dept with up to 10 interactive whiteboards.)
Single User Licence £100 + VAT TaskMagic can only be installed and used on one computer only. (Typical use scenario: single teacher with interactive whiteboard.)

Like-for-like upgrades from previous versions of TaskMagic are priced at 50% of the above prices.

N.B.: TaskMagicCreate and TaskMagicPlay are licensed together, so you need a licence which covers the number of computers on which you wish to create and/or access TaskMagic exercises - not just for the machines on which you wish to create them. A 10 user licence is intended for those situations where a school or dept has up to 10 computers on which they wish to access TaskMagic exercises, typically connected to interactive whiteboards or projectors. A single user licence means that TaskMagic can only be installed on one computer and TaskMagic exercises can only be accessed and/or created on that computer.

TaskMagic3 time-limited subscription for Windows PC
3 months £50 + VAT TaskMagic can be installed and used on all computers, networked etc. A whole school licence also allows for home use by staff. The TaskMagic subscription is essentially the same as a school licence (above), but it only works for a limited time period.
6 months £80 + VAT
12 months £120 + VAT

At the end of the subscription period, you have the option to extend your subscription for a further 3, 6 or 12 months, or convert your subscription to a perpetual licence, simply by contacting us and requesting a new registration key - there is no need to uninstall or re-install TaskMagic. (There are discounts for converting to a perpetual licence.) Contact us by email if you'd like more information about time-limited subscriptions.

GCSE French Writing Focus (perpetual licence for Windows PC)

GCSE French Writing Focus is a standalone version of TaskMagic Play with pre-defined content based on 16 GCSE sample essays. The resource can be used with interactive whiteboards or with individual computers (Windows only) and can be installed on the school network.

School Licence £60 + VAT Can be used anywhere in the school and for home use by staff. A separate registration is also provided so that students can download and register the software for use on their home computers.

The 16 essays cover a range of topics and recycle language and structures which students can use in their own writing. Each essay contains a range of tenses and focuses on structures which should help students to get higher grades in their writing. Each essay is split into 3 or 4 smaller parts / paragraphs so that you and your students can work on smaller chunks of text, as well as on the full essay. The full resource contains over 2000 separate interactive exercises and hundreds of worksheets.

Find out more about the GCSE French Writing Focus software on the downloads page, where you can also download a completely free, non-time-limited demo based on 1 of the 16 essays.

Placing an order

Please send us the details of your order by email to (and include TaskMagic Order in the subject line).

(You can send your order by post to: TaskMagic, 36 Sandy Crescent, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0TG - but since your software is delivered as a download, please make sure you include an email address so that we can email you the invoice, the registration details and the download links for whichever software you are ordering.)

You can print out and fill in our order form if you like. We also accept school purchase orders. Or you can just send us an email telling us what you'd like to order.

UK customers will be invoiced for payment by cheque or BACS transfer. Non-UK customers will be invoiced via Paypal. Paypal invoices can be paid by credit card - a Paypal account is not required.

Your software will be provided as a download. (MSI, Silent MSI and single EXE installers are available.)

Non-English versions of TaskMagic

Please follow these links for information on how to order in the following countries:

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