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Testimonials from TaskMagic users

"I introduced your software at my previous school and it was the first thing on my list when I took up my new post! I think it’s a great product and talk about it a lot when I speak in schools."
Paul Howard, Head of MFL and author of the C'est Possible! & ¡Es Posible! courses based on the Michel Thomas method.

"TaskMagic is probably my number one favourite resource. If I ever had to build up a MFL dept from scratch, this would be first on my order book."
Comment on TES MFL Staffroom forum

"TaskMagic is the best thing in MFL!"
Diana Kavanagh, St John the Baptist Language College, Surrey

Ofsted inspection report where the focus was on the use of ICT in Modern Foreign Languages, and where the teachers "used almost exclusively TaskMagic files" in the lessons observed:
"The faculty's use of ICT to support language learning is outstanding."
"In all lessons observed, teachers used IWBs to present new language and in almost all students used the boards interactively. Students talk with enthusiasm about how this new technology has helped them to enhance their learning of grammar and to enjoy their learning through the challenging language games played in class."
"Lessons with Year 8 and Year 12 groups were observed where students worked confidently and independently through a menu of activities in German to consolidate their learning. In both lessons, expert teachers had authored the lesson content, and then circulated during the lesson to ensure that students derived maximum benefit from the activities."
Bullers Wood Language College, Chislehurst, Kent

"Thanks so much for working so hard to make TaskMagic so fantastic."
Maria Hunt, Bullers Wood Language College, Chislehurst, Kent

"I would like to take the opportunity to say what a phenomenal product TaskMagic is – I would really struggle to teach without it now. As well as being motivating, it really helps students to memorise and grasp language."

"I'm loving it! Having used TaskMagic previously I've been without it, working in a different school for five years and it's like coming home."

"We use it a lot - it is fabulous for all ability groups and you can really differentiate and extend marvellously with it. I think it's worth every penny we spent, I really do."

"We find it a wonderful resource for teaching Modern Languages."

"My students get more out of TaskMagic than they do from the Smartboard activites, which I find difficult to create."

"I use TaskMagic daily with my students. [...] They love it!"

"One of the things I love about TaskMagic is being able to practice the same material in different ways! Repetition builds fluency."

"TaskMagic is just so amazing."

"I love being able to manipulate text in TaskMagic."

"It is extremely cost-effective."

"I think it is a great way to build fluency by repetition in different activities."

"I love the product."

"Loving TaskMagic."

"I have TM3 and it's fab!"

"My yr10 son used TaskMagic to learn CA (controlled assessment) yesterday - worked a treat."

"Huge TaskMagic fans here in Ireland. gr8 for Irish language classes. IWBs activities & worksheets are superb #keepupthegoodwork"

"One of the great things about TaskMagic is the worksheet creator for when you have to leave work for students."

"TaskMagic is great for text manipulation."

"Love the power of TaskMagic3 to get students working with a text. Easy + magical as it says on tin!"

"I once thought TaskMagic was arduous etc... No longer - my students now think I am a technological genius and they love the games. Try it!"

"I absolutely love TaskMagic"

"When someone forwarded me some worksheets created on TaskMagic, I immediately looked it up to see how I could begin to make my own 'magic'!"

"Wanted to let you know our school had inset yesterday. I persuaded our deputy head last year to purchase TaskMagic, and yesterday he asked me to present it to the whole school. To say it went down a storm - with staff from all areas - would be an understatement!"

"TaskMagic works great with my Smartboard. My students love the activities. I love being able to create activities using authentic texts. Thank you!"

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the TaskMagic resources – I use them as starter activities with my A level groups and they are great. My faculty love TaskMagic"

"Loving TM. My students are begging me for TM time in class. They are staying after school to have a chance to use it!"

"Absolutely LOVING TM3!"

"TM3 is going down a storm!"

"It's so brilliant."

"Thank you for making such a wonderful product that is so easy to use!"

"TaskMagic is my favourite zappy starter kit."

"I just started with TaskMagic this term and my students love it!"

"I love the games,... and it has saved me hours of work and provided loads of fun!"

"We are very happy users of TaskMagic and have been for many years."

"As a teacher of French and Spanish I think it is a fantastic resource and I use it all the time to prepare resources appropriate to the learning needs of my students aged 11-16."

"I've just started using TaskMagic3 to create A level exercises and its ease of use is very appealing - the way you can just import a vocab list or add an authentic text in and create a range of interesting, relatively sophisticated exercises is great."

"[Exercises] can be put into a VLE or on the network and the free download of the program for home use makes it possible for everyone to have it."

"If you are using podcasts or your own recordings these can be embedded very easily. The website contains a wide range of examples to copy and there is a twitter feed as well which has lots of ideas."

"You can create sequences of exercises going from vocab learning to teaching essay writing and dictation. The ease with which you can create worksheets is great."

"Value for money is incredible if you look at the time saved and the level of apparent creativity achieved."

"I have worked with Quizlet, Quia, FTC, Study Spanish, and many more but TaskMagic is the best so far! My classes are trying TaskMagic for the first time this week and they love it! We use it with our smartboard and for team competitions. It is great software for engaging students in the Foreign Language class. You can also create worksheets from the vocabulary used to create the games. I highly recommend TaskMagic!"

"Love love TaskMagic3 - not just the games, but the worksheets you can print - all different sorts."

"We have recently invested in the upgraded TaskMagic3 and it is fab. Lots of new games and worksheets a lot clearer and well laid out."

"TaskMagic is worth every penny IMHO."

"Loving it, absolutely recommendable!!!"

"We have TaskMagic - well worth it, takes so little time to make fab stuff, easy to link into my wiki, kids love it too."

"You input the language and it creates a wealth of games and worksheets - variety, interactivity, free student version, easy to use - our dept loves it, best suggestion I made in my training year."

"I do love this new version - so much more versatile!"

"I'm fantastically impressed with what can be done with TaskMagic."

"TaskMagic definitely! Kids love the games!!"

"In the afternoon workshop session I showed how a fantastic piece of software called TaskMagic can be used to generate many games and worksheets from a simple input of texts, dialogues, songs, sound and picture files. I know that many Secondary Language Teachers have this piece of software at the top of their shopping lists. It will save you hours of work."

"[By incorporating TaskMagic] we can take even fairly average kids' learning to a new level."

"If we create TaskMagic exercises as formative learning around the listening and reading texts we are going to be providing an amazingly potent mix."

"I really like TaskMagic! It is very easy to figure out, flexible and you can get a lot of activities in one place. I like the worksheet generator as well. My students and I are enjoying it. Thank you very much!"

"I keep discovering new things that this software can do .. really really useful"

"The children love to play the games when learning new topics. [...]and they take the learning on themselves, becoming more than passive learners."

"TaskMagic3 is fantastic! No more extra folders to keep attached to the game files! It is very easy to upload them onto Moodle!"

"TaskMagic is amazing!"

"Fantastic product."

"Thank you very much - the product works brilliantly. It saves a heck of a lot of time!"

"My students love the games created on TaskMagic. It's a brilliant resource!"

"I love it. Having used it at my previous school, I insisted we buy it before I was even in post at my new school. The kids love it and it is simply fab."

"I would be lost without TaskMagic. I found some of the activities available on TaskMagic REALLY useful in terms of students learning work for controlled assessments"

"Absolutely love it! Really enjoy using it and so do my classes."

"It's a powerful tool."

"It's amazing! The children love it! Thank you very much!"

"Getting on really well with TaskMagic. Plus the kids love it! Really useful for starters and plenaries. Very happy with it."

"It is a great teaching tool!"

"I am finding TaskMagic a huge help in the classroom, the kids love the games you can make with it!"

"An absolute life-saver for all teachers wanting a quick way to generate fun content to recap or extend language work."

"The use of TaskMagic has been very successful with the teachers I am working with."

"I love the extra facilities that TaskMagic3 offers!"

"It's a ONE-OFF PAYMENT only, not an annual subscription, which makes it great value."

"I've tried it out and the pupils love it! No more boring vocab learning. Now it's fun!"

"I'm about to sign up for TaskMagic. I think it's absolutely fabulous."

"I cannot tell you how invaluable we find TaskMagic. I am in the process of showing it to all of our feeder primary schools to help with their French teaching."

"TaskMagic is a very popular tool with our trainees."

"I have just started working at a school which uses TaskMagic. It is a wonderful programme."

"Though TaskMagic is designed with MFL teachers in mind, it has a wonderful potential for helping EAL students to acquire fluency in English language and literacy."

"I have been using TaskMagic for about 3 years and love it."

"An excellent product."

"TaskMagic is the best thing in MFL!"

"A wonderful product!"

"The games are brilliant!"

"It is a fantastic program to work with!"

"TaskMagic is probably my number one favourite resource. If I ever had to build up a MFL dept from scratch, this would be first on my order book."

"I introduced your software at my previous school and it was the first thing on my list when I took up my new post"

"The variety of activities within TaskMagic is huge"

"I have been so impressed by the resources available"

"TaskMagic is brilliant for starters and plenaries with a whiteboard."

"TaskMagic is FANTASTIC and there are masses of ready-made activities free from the site."

"My students really love TaskMagic"

"TaskMagic is a versatile software package offering MFL learners a wide range of word, sentence and text level practice activities"

"TaskMagic is great and affordable..."

"Thanks so much for working so hard to make TaskMagic so fantastic."

"TaskMagic is a great tool for teachers"

"TaskMagic provides a lot of exercises for your bucks plus easy to create worksheets."

"Particularly popular was the new version of TaskMagic which the school has recently bought having successfully used the original for the last few years."

"Very good value for money."

"I really enjoyed the variety of games."

"I have used TaskMagic, which is excellent"

"Really good for learning controlled coursework, and so quick too!"

"Generating worksheets with TaskMagic is a great timesaver"

"We've got it across the school - MFL bought it, but other depts are using it too!"

"Some Year 7 pupils I had last year spent their lunchtimes in the ICT club playing TaskMagic vocab games and now know all the Year 8 vocab already!"

"I have recently discovered TaskMagic, which has livened up my world no end!"

"My current favourite is TaskMagic"

"I love TaskMagic for lesson starters - and the new version of TM is even more than before!"

"I am a big fan of TaskMagic!"

"I think TaskMagic is a fantastic program, particularly for those who want to develop their VLEs"

"The template approach to creating your own interactive resources, as exemplified by TaskMagic, does not require a lot of ICT know-how."

"If you want to inject some life on minimum preparation, I can strongly recommend TaskMagic"

"TaskMagic is an excellent ICT resource. The kids love it and it's great for motivating reluctant learners. The best thing is that it's not language specific and it takes very little time to prepare. Great if you have an IWB."

"TaskMagic is fantastic. It didn't cost my department anything, because I persuaded my school to buy it as it really can be used by all departments. The SEN department uses it as much as MFL does."

"I'd definitely recommend TaskMagic. It's a real winner with everyone."

"TaskMagic is an incredibly powerful program because it is so easy to use and creates visually impressive classroom activities with very little effort on behalf of the teacher."

"I have always been extremely impressed with TaskMagic"

"It is extremely easy to learn how to create the files."

"I think it’s a great product and talk about it a lot when I speak in schools."

"We are very impressed with the program and have already been using it with great success. We are planning to link material for whole courses to the program."

"I think it is a brilliant piece of equipment!"

"Very easy to create tasks quickly, just before a lesson – including ease of inserting pictures and sound."

"Pupil response: Excellent, from boys and girls. They love the challenge and the feedback, and get very competitive."

"TaskMagic is easy to use and very useful in language teaching. The interactivity enables me to easily develop exercises for use with an electronic whiteboard."

"Pupils love playing the games, which test mouse control and speed of response as well as understanding!"

"Tasks are easy to create, making it a valuable teaching resource in our MFL lessons in the computer room."

"Lots of staff are keen to use TaskMagic and the only problem is students expect to see it as a starter all the time!"

"TaskMagic is going down very well indeed with students and I am using it very frequently also on the interactive whiteboard."

"All the teachers really love the program."

"We have no hesitation in recommending TaskMagic. Its professional layout and the variety of tasks on this excellent program are a fantastic motivational tool in language learning."

"Thanks for a highly motivating programme."

"An extremely satisfied user."

"TaskMagic is a reliable and extremely useful programme that everyone here loves to use."

"The only problem is keeping it from other subject teachers!"

"I appreciate the personal service and regular updates."

"Thanks for TaskMagic - it has certainly helped me keep pupils interested."

"I am looking forward to demonstrating this to my PGCE students. I think they will be very excited by it."

"Wow! I'm really impressed with this!"

"TaskMagic is fab!"

"My primary colleagues are absolutely delighted"

"I think it's brilliant, so versatile and easy to create fun activities for all ages and abilities of students."

"At my school languages teachers are very impressed with the software."

"I am thrilled with your program."

"I have heard great things about TaskMagic"

"As far as I'm concerned, it's the best value for money I've ever had. Just buy it - you won't regret it! Promise!"

"We would not survive if we didn't have TaskMagic!"

"Since receiving the CD yesterday, I have started to make my own German resources and it is delightfully easy."

"Pupils become very competitive to try and complete the exercise correctly and in the quickest time."

"Using a games package to teach Modern Foreign Languages has got the whole class enthused."

"Works for all years and abilities"

"I use TaskMagic now and think it's wonderful"

"Splitting texts up and putting them back together is good for AS."

"It really gets them thinking about the structure of sentences."

"It’s a way of turning something quite boring into something exciting."

"Even as the school day draws to a close, volunteers clamour to come up to the front."

"Well done. A very impressive piece of software."

"I have lots of departments now using TaskMagic - they think it's brilliant!!"

"TaskMagic is being used extensively throughout the school - and I am receiving lots of positive feedback - Thanks for creating a great resource!"

"Teams - boys against girls - become fiercely competitive, desperate to better a previous score."

"For boys, this competitive element can be particularly appealing."

"A great-value authoring package that works in any language."

"Another time-saving tool that takes the sting out of lesson preparation."

"I would like a trial of this software everybody is talking about at the moment!!"

"I just want to say thank you for saving my bacon on a daily basis!"