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Mix & Gap

Mix & Gap is one of the 8 exercise groups in TaskMagic. It creates a variety of exercises based on a text of up to 500 words.

The Mix & Gap screens...

Click on the small screen thumbnails below for more information about the Mix & Gap screens:

Guidance on using TaskMagic files

The order of the screen thumbnails on the menu screen does not represent a particular sequence that students must follow.

Students need not attempt to complete all of the activities available for a particular file.

Teachers / students should select the most appropriate activities depending on a range of factors...

  • Context
  • Whether they are using a whiteboard or individual PCs in a computer room (or at home)
  • The type of activity: text input; matching; reordering; multi-choice, etc.
  • The type of information being presented
  • The point they are at in the learning sequence
  • Whether it is for a starter, a plenary, a presentation or the main element of a lesson
  • The time available
  • The level of difficulty, taking into account: time pressures; penalties for incorrect answers; the level of support provided, etc.

When working with an interactive whiteboard, the teacher has control over the activities selected. When working in an IT room, however, it is important for teachers to maintain control over the activities that the students are engaged in, so as to avoid students choosing activities which are too easy, too hard or which provide the wrong sort of practice.

It is a good idea to make it clear to students which activities they are to attempt and in which order (or which activities they are not to attempt). It is also a good idea to tell students to show you that they have achieved a particular score before moving on to the next activity.

A useful strategy is to reserve many of the more game-based activities until the end of the session, then allow students 5 or 10 minutes to choose freely from the activities available.

It is also possible to limit the exercises available by making direct hyperlinks to individual game files - these can be created in TaskMagicCreate - or by limiting the list of activities available when you create your TaskMagic file.


Some links below related to Mix & Gap. Many of the blog posts include links to Mix & Gap files (which require TaskMagic to be installed) as well as many examples of pdf worksheets, which can be viewed by anybody.